It Gets Lighter from Here

December 21, 2020

Eight artists have been commissioned by Severn Arts and Worcestershire County Council to develop a 60-second digital proposal as part of the West Midlands campaign #ItGetsLighterFromHere. The work created by the artists will be showcased online on 21 December 2020 alongside that of their colleagues from across the West Midlands.

Grizedale Arts Artist in Residence

September 28, 2020

Grizedale Arts is an arts organisation based at the historic site of Lawson Park farm, high above the Coniston valley in the English Lake District. At the end of September I will be on residency with Grizedale Arts and residing at Low Parkamoor.

Low Parkamoor is a 16th Century restored farmhouse with no modern day amenities. The cottage offers an escape from modern day living and a return to a a basic way of life. 

The Centre for the Less Good Idea

August 24, 2020

Skins was selected for the ‘Long Minute’.

‘The Centre for the Less Good Idea is, for those not familiar with it, a small arts centre in downtown Johannesburg which we started four years ago. We typically have two seasons of live performances a year, and for our seventh season, as it was not possible to stage them in front of audiences, our performances were digitally streamed. To continue work at the centre during the period of social isolation and lockdown, we invited participants, alumni of the centre, to make one-minute films, using their cell phones as cameras, for a series called ‘The Long Minute’, so every day we’ve been posting different films by filmmakers, dancers, authors, musicians on Instagram.' 

The Long Minute is curated by Bronwyn Lace

Deveron Projects Thinker in Residence

August 5, 2020

Throughout the past month I have been walking the town of Huntly and exploring the local landscape, through conversations and walks. 

Deveron Projects is an arts organisation based in Huntly, a market town in the north east of Scotland with a population of 4,500. They have worked here with the history, context and identity of the town since 1995. Working with the town is the venue methodology, they create projects that connect artists, communities and places.

Dial and Draw Hotline

July 14, 2020

As a result of the COVID 19 many people who are classed as vulnerable have remained at home for three months. Without the usual weekly routines and activities to look forward to this will have been an undoubtedly difficult time. With one day slipping into the next a journey or a walk is a way to break up a day and create a memory. Whether that be a short walk to the corner shop or a longer cross country hike. 

Therefore, I'm putting out this invitation to take a journey over the phone, to somewhere you have been or would like to go. We'll have a little chat for twenty minutes or so and we can talk about your memories of a place. During this time I'll be creating drawings (and you can too!) which will then all be compiled together to form an installation which reflect the different landscapes of people who are at home and in isolation.

This project is kindly supported by Birmingham Centre for Art Therapies

Talfana Drawing Award

June 4, 2020

Awarded a "Highly Commended" for my drawing installation, Phase One. Which Talfana wrote 'Is a very poignant piece related to covid-19 and Daniella also has a very strong sketch book drawing practice, organising walking and drawing adventures.'

Next Wave 2020

December 14, 2019

One of eleven artists selected for Next Wave 2020. Exhibiting alongside Haseebah Ali, Julie Chambers, Ewan Johnston, Darius Martisus, Ella Oakley, Rita Rodner, Kathryn Sawbridge, Daniela Turbin, Oli Turnpenney, Jodie Wingham and Leigh Whurr.


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