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The Severn Way

December 2020

The River Severn divides Worcestershire from North to South, joining the village of Upper Arley with the town of Tewkesbury. I decided to take this journey by foot and create a hand drawn animation in response to this journey.

Commissioned by Severn Arts

Walking Huntly

August 2020

As an English artist I am used to the comfort of walking the signposted and trodden paths around England. Therefore, on my arrival in Huntly the first lesson to learn was how to walk with the Scottish freedom to roam. During my time as thinker in residence at Deveron Projects I went on fifteen long distance walks which were planned in response to the town history, shared conversations and research into the Deveron Projects archive.

Stay Home

June to July 2020

In phase two of the UK lockdown I set out on a long distance walk around my home City of Wolverhampton.

Over 25 days I walked 443 miles, collected 707 rocks and took over 800 photographs all in relation to the theme of home.


March to May 2020

Throughout the first phase of the UK lock down I worked from a loft space in my family home in Walsall. In an attempt to visualise the gravity of the coronavirus pandemic in which the world was facing I began a durational performance. On a daily basis I would make clay orange skins and each one of these represented one person that had sadly died from the disease. The motif of the orange skin came about from walks taken in the months leading up to the lock down, seeing them strewn across bushes and on the pavements was a regular occurrence.

Walking Logbooks

January to December 2020

A selection of walking logs which are part of an ongoing body of work being developed into ordnance survey mapping.

Presented at Next Wave exhibition at The Royal Birmingham Society of Artists. 

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