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June to September 2021

The residency at The New Art Gallery Walsall takes its title from the grid reference for the Gallery, for the residency I embarked on walks across Walsall and its surrounding areas using the Ordnance Survey’s Explorer paper map series. I then recorded each journey through analogue photography and drawing.

Returning to the Gallery to work in the Artists’ Studio, l set about creating a drawing in response to my walks.

Walking the West Midlands

February to March 2021

A series of chalkboard drawings based on long distance walks taken around the West Midlands. This series explores the weight, distance and time it takes to go for a long distance walk, and how this relates to the drawing material, in this case chalk. The chalk was weighed at the start and end of the drawings and the work was complete once (x) km of chalk was used. These works incorporate imagery of the types of things that passed below my feet as I walked in the West Midlands.

Walking Logs

February to June 2021

A collection of 35mm films which document walks taken in 2021. These form part of an ongoing body of work being developed into ordnance survey mapping.

2021: List
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