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May 2018

A site specific ten day performance in response to the history of Papermaking on the River Leith. Firstly, I sourced a second hand book based around the history of Esparto papermaking on the river. I then unbound this book and turned it back into pulp using water from the River Leith. Once the book had been unbound I covered the space in esparto grass (which was sourced from Spain) and a layer of fine mesh. The mesh was then manipulated using tweezers to create a watermark of the grass and when the pulp was finally pulled through the mesh it gave the impression of the grass on the pages of the book which was ready for rebinding.

Scrag Ends

May 2018

A selection of investigations with graphite and paper. 

Drawing Tools

March 2018

A selection of thirty tools for drawing using household objects. The objects were sourced from around my flat in Paisley and include a cheese grater, scourer and steel brush.

This work was later presented at Royal Birmingham Society of Artists Gallery.

2018: List
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